Sunday, December 8, 2013

Flying Solo at the Moncton Public Library Gallery

Invitation to the show at the Moncton Public Library Gallery

October flew by this fall as I finished up my pieces for my exhibition at the Moncton Public Library Gallery and squeezed in a trip to Alberta to visit my daughter and her family. Once the show was underway early in November, the days again evaporated due to the busy work of participating in various local Christmas shows and fairs. December is now upon us and Christmas is almost here - a season I love for many reasons. Best of all is the wonderful week between Christmas and New Years day that I take for myself to regroup, ignore the clock and work on my 'bucket list' for the new year. 

The show at the Moncton Public Library Gallery was entitled "Shared Solitude" and there I invited viewers to
     Come walk with me among the paths
       that make up the labyrinths of our lives - where
       Our stories blend and in the telling,
I hear your story in mine.
We all have 'Once upon a times' where we thought we were alone
Only to find out by watching, listening, waiting - that no matter
Where we are, our solitudes are shared.
Our stories spring from time spent along our solitary paths
- no matter where we are.
P.Winans, 2013

Here are a few photos of some of the pieces in the show. Some are all fibre, some are mixed media - where I incorporated pieces of found rusted metal, glass, shell or wire with the fibre.

Set up at Moncton Public Library Gallery
A Bird's Eye View

Waiting II (Grand Manan)        

Wandering III (Uluru)
Exploring I (Great Barrier Reef)
Women's Gatherings (Alice Springs)
Sharing (Christchurch)
Waiting I (Bouctouche Bay)
Always remember that "You can't use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have (Maya Angelou)".