Friday, August 24, 2012

A Day at the Fair!

Although we are enjoying wonderful, sunny, summer weather, fall is in the air. The temperature is starting to drop at night and our first, local, county fair opened this week at Sainte - Marie - de - Kent, NB.

The Kent County Agricultural Fair/Exposition Agricole de Kent has all of the sights and sounds that are so familiar - including the exhibits of pies, vegetables, flowers, handwork, quilts and art.  The sheds are full of animals and birds - horses, cows, sheep, rabbits, fowl and goats  - who are waiting their turn to "strut their stuff" and hopefully win a red ribbon!

While I was there, the ladies on the exhibit committee were busy organizing the items submitted for judging - especially the wonderful rugs!

Meanwhile, outside ----------
cattle were in the show ring and

horses were in the shower

My prize for the day was taking photos of sheep friends for my "Sheepish Greetings" note card series!



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Saturday, August 11, 2012

A Visit with the Kent Hookers/Hookeuses de Kent

Textile fibre art is alive and well here in Atlantic Canada, especially traditional and contemporary rug hooking. Weekly get-togethers or 'hook-ins' for like-minded folk happen on a regular basis throughout the area. Once a year each group usually invites all of the other groups to come and spend the day, have lunch, hook and share their work. During the summer months many groups choose to take the summer off, others meet on a less regular basis and others, like the Kent Hookers/Hookeuses de Kent, take on a special project.

Every Thursday afternoon from 1 to 3pm. during the summer, members of the Kent Hookers/Hookeuses de Kent take part in demonstrating traditional rug hooking to visitors at the Bonar Law Historic Site on the Bonar Law Common in Rexton, NB. The kitchen of the historic home is decorated with mats made by the Kent group. There are mats on the floor, chair pads on the seats of the wooden kitchen chairs and hangings on the wall.  A special treat is the tea (with sweets) that is served at 2pm! 

The historic site is situated on the shores of the Richibucto River and recently was expanded to include activities that celebrate life as it was when the Law family lived there. As a young boy, Andrew Bonar Law left Rexton, NB after the death of his mother to live with his aunt in Scotland. He later became a prominent businessman, political leader and Prime Minister of Great Britain.  

Who's in the Barn?

A New Rooster for the Hen House?

Big Fred

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Let me introduce 'Big Fred'. He's one of the latest creations to come out of my studio. He's made from a piece of found metal that I picked up when on a walk with Sir Sebastien. I hooked long narrow strips on a nylon mesh backing for his feathers and plume. A piece of driftwood from Dennis' Beach makes a nice perch.

If you would like Big Fred for your henhouse, contact me at:

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Friday, August 3, 2012

Des fibres, des filles, des fils, des folles

I waited until tonight to post this week's note so that I could include photos of the grand opening of a new art exhibit of original textile art at the Curio Antiques and Art Gallery in nearby Shediac, NB.  The work of four local artists, Suzanne Babineau, Marise Godbout, Marie-Claude Hebert and Danielle Ouellet, fills the walls of the exhibit space with colour, texture and surprise. Each piece is unique and a feast for the eyes!

The latest from my studio

Once upon a time, I bought a lovely Rising Tide Ⓡ woolen felt, shoulder bag ( 7" by 12" carrying area ). After bringing it home, I realized that it was a little too small for my needs so I tucked it away. This week I took it out again and added to it's look by hooking a fluffy mohair flower on the front. Now it's for sale -  $20.00 plus postage. Email me at if interested.

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