Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Seeing Patterns...Creating Designs...Going for the Brass Ring

Edge of a creek at low tide

Seeing patterns and creating designs to work into my art is a simple process when I'm open to taking in the forms and shapes around me. Take for instance the patterns in the mud at low tide - with a few scattered rocks - along the edge of a creek that feeds into the Petitcodiac River. Can you see the pattern as a background for a hooked 'Welcome' mat or an abstract watercolour?

c.1910 New Zealand Sidewalk

How about the brick sidewalk? what could be done with this pattern??? 

Salt patterns on the pavement
Or this salt pattern on a street after an ice storm?

Momma always said to Go for the Brass Ring!

Patricia Winans Ⓒ 2012
"It's not enough to reach for the brass ring. You must also enjoy the merry-go-round." (Julie Andrews)

Architects of many large historic buildings have incorporated circular staircases into their designs. If you stand beneath the staircase and take a photograph up through its spiral as it rises to the other floors, you'll have a wonderful swirling design as the beginning for an art project.

One of my photos of a spiral staircase became the background for my latest wall hanging. I also incorporated two 'found' metal pieces.  The brass, man's ring that hangs on the gold chain was found wedged in a crack on a London, ON street. The large brass coupling was at a yard sale. All three things, the photo, the ring and the coupling then became a piece of art.

The ring had lost it's stone and was marred from lying in the street. A metaphor for survival. It needed a frame - so hence the new brass coupling. The rising spiral of the staircase metaphorically supports  grasping the ring and showing the way.

Patricia Winans Ⓒ 2012
Close-up of Ring

Reverse side of Hanging showing Lining and Label

Ⓒ content copyright 2012 Patricia Winans
Hanging is 15"x22". Made from new and up-cycled wool, silk, velour, mohair and metal and is fully lined with polyester velour. 
It is attached to a piece of clear PLEXIGLASⓇ (same size as the hanging) for support when displayed.

Contact me at if interested or for further questions.

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  1. I see your pattern photo's as great textures to use as overlays on photo's to give it a grunge effect. There's all sorts of interesting possibilities for such patterns/photos. As I am on a photo walk, I take photo's of textures and patterns to use as effects on my photography, I haven't look at them for design elements for other types of artwork. Nice post. ~Bonnie