Monday, April 28, 2014

Introducing My New Friend Della

"Momma always said...Purple is the new black!"

Someone new has come to live at our house - let me introduce Della, a fiesty, opinionated lady of a certain age who loves to comment on whatever comes to mind and quotes her mother's wise sayings for all occasions. This is her first public appearance and hopefully she will stay with me awhile - I'm anxious to see what she will be up to!!!

It has been a busy time over the last few weeks getting organized for a rug show at the Lutz Mountain Heritage Museum. The LMHM is housed in a historic church building on the outskirts of Moncton, NB and each year they feature a special exhibit that runs for their full season from June to September. 

This year our rug show is featured and we have invited hookers from the three counties of Kent, Westmorland and Albert to participate. The theme of the exhibit is " Hooking Loops of Love for New Brunswick" and each mat will depict what the maker loves about New Brunswick. In addition, there will be a separate display of  mats using different interpretations of the pattern "Grandma's Mat'. The patron of LMHM  at one time worked in Labrador and Newfoundland and in the LMHM permanent collection on display is a variety of Grenfell mats and memorabilia.

My rendition of the 'Grandma's Mat' pattern  

More to come about the show!

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