Saturday, May 31, 2014

According To Della....

"Momma always said.... a little chocolate cupcake will fix everything!"

Della is back - and for this hooked piece I tried something a little different. I wasn't happy with the way the edge of the linen backing showed when it was hanging. I borrowed a tip from Rachelle LeBlanc and crocheted (with a fine hook) right next to the border through the linen to make a row of chain stitches that covered up the edge of the linen.

Now, when you look at the piece from the side the pink crocheted line is what you see next to the grey velour lining - not the linen.

More from Della to come!


  1. I LOVE Della and eagerly look forward to the next one. Marsha

  2. Thanks Marsha! She's working on something!

  3. Your finishing looks great! I love that technique and use it exclusively on all my work. Great job!